A Couple of Views

A Couple of Views

Back in 2008, I went to New Zealand and travelled round the North and South Island, seeing some spectacular sights along the way.

One of the prettiest destinations was Kaikoura, on the east coast of South Island. Wherever you may wander, a coastal pathway, through the green farmlands or along the streets of the town, you’ll do so with the magnificent Kaikoura Ranges for company.

Things to see in New Zealand
Kaikoura Ranges

After spending time with family in Adelaide, I left to continue my travels. On the plane, as it made its ascent upwards and away from the city, I looked out of the window and we were passing over the beautiful Adelaide Hills. I smiled, with a tear in my eye, as I fondly remembered what a great time I’d had with my family.

Things to see in Australia
Adelaide Hills

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