Open Spaces

Open Spaces

It’s not often I get to see open spaces living in a city such as Bangkok, but when I do I can marvel at just how awesome they are.

And you can’t get more open than the skies and land from an aircraft window where the clouds seem part of a different world

I love Adelaide but when you see the openness of the land from a distance it’s so much more impressive

Open Spaces, Adelaide
The view from Mount Lofty over Adelaide and onto St Vincent Gulf

The whales have all the open space they want as they come to breed in the Coral Sea, just off the coast of Australia

Open Spaces, Whale Watching
Whale watching in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

The rolling green hills of New South Wales go on for miles and miles

Open Spaces, Leconfield Farm, NSW, Australia
The 4,600 acres of Leconfield Farm, Tamworth, NSW, Australia


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