From Mahakan Fort to Phahurat

From Mahakan Fort to Phahurat

Another of my little walks. This time from Mahakan Fort to Phahurat where I ended the day at Toney Restaurant for a cheap and very delicious lunch. This walk isn’t as far as some of the other walks I undertake but, as usual, there are many photograph opportunities along the way.

From the fort I paid a visit to Wat Saket.

Next stop, Rommaninat Park. Not the most attractive park I have been to but, still, a lovely little respite from all the traffic along Maha Chai Road.

Last pit stop before home; Toney Restaurant in Phahurat. Located down a small alley off Chakphet Road, it is nothing more than a few tables, chairs and an open air cooking area, right on the canal. Don’t let appearances fool you though, a cheap and delicious range of food will be served up to you in minutes.

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Toney Restaurant; photograph courtesy of Chris Wotton

Enjoy!  🙂




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